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Cold Edamame Soup

Wherever you stand on the cold soup spectrum—do you think they’re silly and have no reason to exist? Or do you just think we ought to call them smoothies, rather than soup? Didn’t we discuss this last year?—today’s recipe is one I was excited about well before I found time to make it. I wanted a simple edamame soup that would provide a good base for some fun garnishes. It turned out to be rich and hearty whether you serve it hot or cold, and easy and cheap, too.

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Three Cold Soups

There seem to be a lot of opinions when it comes to cold soup. Some culinary friends of mine consider them to be an ugly step-child of proper soup, others just think they’re silly. (“Just call it a smoothie,” I overheard once.) I remember at one of my first dinner parties after I moved to New York, one guest tasted my cold tomato and corn soup and said, “This would be great, if it weren’t cold.” And with that recipe, I didn’t disagree. But I really only anguish about cold soups for so long, until I remember their plain, straightforward appeal, which is: soup that is cold, to be enjoyed when it is hot outside.

The best cold soups, and forgive me for perhaps stating the obvious, are those that can’t be served hot. And the following three are good examples of that: gazpacho should taste like unadulterated summer; cucumber-yogurt soup would curdle if it were hot; and I’ve never tried to heat up a honeydew, but the idea of it isn’t very promising. Continue reading


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