Tasting Party

I had the first of probably many tasting parties last weekend. Some photos below, recipes to come…

Beet Tartare

This was an idea Chef Pascal, the French chef at the restaurant where I work, came up with: a “beet tartare” burger, which kicked things off. It looks a little strange and will require some tinkering, but–good!! That’s some goat cheese, shallot, and terragon on top.

SpinachChickpeaNext up was a gluten-free spinach & chickpea burger that is pretty amazing. It was the unanimous favorite. I defeated the gluten-freeness by putting on a brioche bun.


The tofu burger has been my cross to bear for a month now. This is the closest I’ve come to one that I like, a vegan honey-sesame glazed bok choy & tofu burger that has all kinds of good things going on. The flavor is awesome and texture is good, though I still need to firm it up. This is such a challenge because adding anything like flour or bread crumbs tends to greatly compromise the flavor. At this point we were tired of buns because we had the curried eggplant burger before this one (which for several reasons—not least among them the fact that we were drinking wine—didn’t get pictured).


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