Pretzel Roll Preview


If that doesn’t look like a perfect pretzel roll—for one of the heartier burgers like the red lentil-celery root one, or the sweet potato burger with chard, or the mushroom-zucchini burger, or for tearing up into chunks and dipping into a jar of Grey Poupon—then I don’t know what a perfect pretzel roll looks like. This book is shaping up nicely!

But my next book will definitely be called Putting ‘Em On, Taking ‘Em Off: The Diet Plan for Every Cookbook Author.


4 Replies to “Pretzel Roll Preview”

  1. Hi Lukas!!
    Wow! This is exciting. I am committed to trying every recipe…as a vegetarian for 38 years, I hope I’ll have helpful feedback. Maybe some comments on your wine pairings would be fun?

  2. hi Lukas,

    My boyfriend and I got your Veggie Burgers book about a month ago, and most of the recipes we’ve tried have been great. He really likes the homemade seitan, and the basic hamburger buns have been my favorite. However, we tried the pretzel rolls today and it was a complete disaster. I like the idea of using a moist dough for most of the recipes, but how do you pick up the delicate pretzel rolls to drop them in the poaching liquid without completely deflating them? We ended up with pretzel pancakes.

    1. Oh geez, while the idea of a pretzel pancake isn’t entirely unappealing it definitely isn’t the idea with that recipe! It sounds like you’ll just need to use more flour to make a stiffer dough, one that holds its own when you pick it up from the pan. When you first mix and knead it, just be more liberal with the flour–if you’re using a mixer, maybe in this instance see that it pulls off the sides of the bowl completely.

      I haven’t had that problem before with the Pretzel Rolls—I’m sorry to hear that you have. But it is a little bit of a tricky recipe, and I hope you’ll find it worth giving another shot.

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