Veggie Burger Haiku Contest Winners

Congratulations to Norman, Maureen, Katiebakes, Rachel, and gezellig-girl, our winners of the veggie burger haiku contest! I need to reiterate that they were chosen at random, I didn’t actually judge their poetry (though all of their entries are commendable!).

My goodness, what talent! Check out some of these haikus.

From “js,” whose poem is transporting—I mean, it just takes you there:

wait just a second.
is this a kernel of CORN?
i can hang with that.

Hopefully things eventually improved for “mixtapesforhookerss”…

’94, quit meat.
Veggie burgers came later,

Rachel and I have had similar experiences:

a fried hockey puck,
mostly consisted of rice
but got me thinking

And maybe my favorite is this one by Katie, because it’s so original and vivid. And it contains the word “precarious”:

how precarious
like neglected risotto
its texture can be.

Thanks, everyone, for submitting!


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