Veggie Burgers on the Web

Friday was a big day for veggie burgers—insofar as two of my favorite food writers on the web both posted recipes. Cathy Erway, over at her terrific new blog Lunch at Sixpoint, adapted my Tuscan White Bean burger to accommodate the ingredients she had on hand (many of which came directly from the garden on the Sixpoint Brewery roof!). Then Heidi Swanson of 101cookbooks posted a recipe for a Tofu burger that includes cashews and mushrooms and sunflower seeds. Needless to say, that recipe is high up on my list.

And a head’s up: Tomorrow (Monday, July 26th) at 1pm, I’ll be speaking with Cathy on her radio show, Let’s Eat In. Tune in if you’re free, and if not I’ll be sure to link to the podcast as soon as it’s available.


2 Replies to “Veggie Burgers on the Web”

  1. I just got my book today and am totally excited – these recipes look GREAT!!! I’ve made copies of veggie burger recipes for years and can’t find a single one of them. Now I have really great recipes all in one book. And the pictures in the book are really beautiful. Thanks, Lukas!

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