Vegetarian Tonight: Weeknight Fritatta

A work in progress, here’s the first video I made (with the expert filming/editing/directing of Andrew Gauthier and Valerie Temple and the music of Sleeping States) in a series where I demonstrate how to make a vegetarian dish for tonight, using some favorite recipes from my books. We’ll have a few more out over the coming weeks.

Vegetarian Tonight with Lukas Volger: Weeknight Fritatta



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10 responses to “Vegetarian Tonight: Weeknight Fritatta

  1. Olivia B.

    Loved this! Your technique for lifting the frittata sides to allow more egg underneath is genius…I’ve never seen other cooks do that before and it has helped improve my omelette skills immensely ever since I read your tips in the book. Thanks so much for sharing this…I look forward to the others! 🙂

  2. Allan O'Grady Cuseo

    did you say how long to keep it in oven? Looks great – trying it tomorrow night.

    • Just until the center is dry to the touch. You should checking after about 8 minutes. (And remember to use oven mittens!)

      • Allan O'Grady Cuseo

        thanks Lukas. Appreciate the speedy reply. Looking at recipe right now in your book.

  3. Julli Morrison

    This is great! The fritata that you sent out previously with the pesto and lemon zest is superb. It’s wonderful to watch you do this. Would love to see how you like to chop onions (you showed us potatoes – thanks) and other things that you do unconsciously that we may not know…

  4. Julli Morrison

    And I just got your Entree book through iTunes for my iPad – brilliant!

  5. I made this tonight with what I had in my fridge – tomatoes, red peppers, rosemary, potatoes and sage. So delicious and my parents were impressed! Cooked perfectly.

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