Lucas’ Luscious Lemon Bars

For Mother’s Day, Food52 let me share a little essay I wrote about my mom and the first recipe I ever came up with—which is these lemon bars, dubbed “Lucas’ Luscious Lemon Bars.” It’s a slight detour from the veggie madness thing, but if you like lemon bars, I can vouch for that recipe. (And if you’re curious about the spelling of my name, it’s kind of an embarrassing story—about college, and self-expression, and poetry I was writing at the time—but suffice it to say that at the time I was making these lemon bars it was “Lucas,” and now I spell it “Lukas.”)  

And lately I’m having trouble keeping up around here, sorry about that. Over on the Facebook page I’ve been sharing Instagram photos of the lunches I’m making. Here are a few favorites from last week. (And if you care to follow on Instagram, my profile is LukasVolger.)

On Monday I made a soba bowl with seasoned dashi, watercress, avocado, and sesame seeds.

On Wednesday I tried something I’m calling a “fri-strata,” a hybrid of fritatta and strata, with asparagus, shallots, and parmesan. I loved this.

And on Friday, it was time for a Big Salad: this one has red leaf, pepitas, carrots, avocado, and a lemony vinaigrette.

More soon!


2 Replies to “Lucas’ Luscious Lemon Bars”

  1. Lemon bars are my favorite. I’m a bit lucky in that I work in a school where we get to eat for free and they have these lemon bars that are just amazing- after which, I think- I really have to make these. And then don’t. Thanks for the reminder!

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