Feast by Lukas: Weeknights

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I just released the 2nd issue of Feast by Lukas, the iOS quarterly I launched last Fall. What a thrill to be doing this! The theme for this issue is “weeknights,” which, as I explain in the introduction, is less about tricks and shortcuts for when time and energy are short, and more about using the purposeful act of cooking, with the attention and care it requires to do well, as a way to recalibrate after a day that just didn’t go right.


That’s only one way to approach weeknight cooking. I like a trick and a shortcut as much as anyone else does, and sometimes fast and easy is what’s called for. But I am a food person, and I’m guessing that if you’re reading this, you are too. So in February, the month that requires the most willpower and resolve even without Mercury going into retrograde, you might need a gentle reminder—that cooking is a way to recalibrate—just as I do, too. 

Food52 posted an interview with me, with some questions about the Feast by Lukas quarterly and other related food stuff. I also shared some recipes from this Weeknights issue. Up above, there’s Whole-Wheat Pull-Apart Biscuits. See, I believe in baking projects, and I believe in them on weeknights. Biscuits are such a star at dinnertime that any plate of blah leftovers will seem special by proximity. These ones are easy to make, with no rolling or cutting of dough. They’re also very moist and delicate; they don’t need additional butter, or even jam or honey. They’re good as they are.

marinated greens_landscape

Then there’s Marinated Greens on Toast. Marinating cooked leafy greens—spinach, beet greens, Swiss chard, kale, mustard greens, etc.—is a wonderful way to both extend their shelf life, and to make them a more of an indulgence. Piled onto a good piece of toast is great, you’re very close to a nice meal. You could top with a fried or poached egg. Or skip the bread and use the greens in a million other ways: stuffed into sandwiches and quesadillas, added to cooked pasta, chopped up and stirred into bean or grain salads, or just on their own.

eggs in kale and breadcrumbs_landscape

Lastly, here’s Eggs in Kale and Breadcrumbs. This dish came to me as a vision one Saturday morning. It was a vision, or I was feeling lazy and/or indecisive, since I had a number of different meals on my mind when I woke up and ultimately decided to combine them all into one recipe. Lucky for  me, it was a hit.

Click here to download the free Feast by Lukas app, from which you can subscribe or purchase individual issues.


2 Replies to “Feast by Lukas: Weeknights”

  1. Beautiful, Lukas, beautiful simplicity of presentation and recipes. I love biscuits maybe more than anything…

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