I’m the founder of Made by Lukas, a line of fresh veggie burgers established in 2013, editorial director of the biannual print magazine Jarry, and author of the cookbooks Bowl (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt/Rux Martin Books, March 2016), Veggie Burgers Every Which Way, and Vegetarian Entrees that Won’t Leave You Hungry (more info on the Books page).

My approach to vegetarian cuisine aims to be accessible, vegetable-centric, weeknight-friendly, a little bit unexpected, and rooted in straightforward technique and “whole foods” ingredients. I’ve been featured in national and local print, radio, TV, and online media—the Splendid Table, New York Times “Diner’s Journal,” Martha Rose Shulman’s New York Times “Recipes for Health” column, and more (you can find more of these pieces on the Press page). I sometimes teach cooking classes and do demonstrations. I live in Brooklyn, New York.

Contact information

For Bowl press inquiries: Lily Yengle, lily.yengle@hmhco.com
To email me:
 veggieburgermadness@gmail.com (please note: I don’t do sponsored posts or product reviews)
Instagram: @LukasVolger


37 Replies to “About”

  1. Hi – I’m a food developer usually working in third world countries. A few years back I got an assignment for “veggie burgers” coming out of Chile. The only problem was the “protein” as you defined it on the show today was plums. About $10m, a murdered consultant, and no sales later – the launch was a total disaster. If you are interested on a what not-to-do story about veggie burgers, drop me a line. Best, Matt

    1. Fascinating! Who knew veggie burgers would have any such history. I’m also intrigued by a prune veggie burger; never considered that.

      1. I think Hillstone’s/Houston’s uses prunes in their awesome veggie burgers – which are very similar to your beet/brown rice/black bean burgers. Sometimes I think it’s prunes, sometimes figs. I added prunes and bbq sauce to your recipe and it came out great. Even works on the bbq.

      2. I had heard that before. I also read somewhere that they keep the burgers marinating in some kind of delicious barbecue sauce, and then baste it as it’s cooking. Endless riddle of the Hillstone/Houston’s VB….

  2. Oh, no! I am worried because I just made the whole wheat buns from the cookbook……..and when I tasted the dough I became very concerned that there is a serious typo in the book. The dough was so salty! The recipe calls for FOUR TEASPOONS of salt. Help! I don’t think I will be able to salvage this dough.

    1. Amy, this is an error we’re fixing in future editions. The salt quantity should be 2-3/4 teaspoons! I’ve just responded to your email as well.

  3. Hi there,

    I bought your book today and tried the red lentil and celery root burger. Mind you, I am a seasoned vegan home cook and have made numerous vegan burgers and they never stick together. Again, this one didn’t either- it totally fell apart in fact when pierced with a fork. I’m wholly disappointed and hoped you could offer some tips…


    1. Hi Esen,
      I’m sorry to hear about your disappointment! That burger is indeed one of the more delicate ones. What I do recommend is giving it a good sear in the frying pan, so that it has a strong crust. I wanted that burger to be vegan and had played around with potato and egg replacer as binders, but found that they disrupted the flavor far too much for my taste. If you want to give them another go, you might try cooking half of a waxy potato, like Yukon Gold, with the celery root; just know that you’ll be tasting some potato in there, though—you might like it more than I do.
      Best wishes,

  4. Aloha Lukas,

    Your the very best at what you do, specializing in creating
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    foods that done harm the planet.

    The Tofu And Chard Burger is the winner of “The World’s Most Extraordinary Burger.”

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  5. Hi Lukas,
    I am a fellow New Yorker and just wondering whether or not you have come up with the veggie burger recipe from Houston’s restaurant (now Hillstone I believe)? It is really an awesome burger. If you haven’t tried it I encourage you to do so : )
    Thank you.

    1. I have had that one and I like it a lot! I have seen some recipes floating around online—I know that it has beets in it, and that they store the veggie burgers in barbecue sauce, which is why the sweet-smokey flavor is so strong. But I haven’t come up with an approximation of my own… Not yet, at least.

  6. Hi,
    After listening to an interview you did, I think on the Splendid Table podcast, I just got your book and so many recipes look great. I was wondering if you have the Nutritional Information for any of the burgers? In particular, fat, carbs, fiber and protein. Thanks!

  7. As a followup I have to say your veggie burger cookbook rules – one of the my favorite cookbooks right now. I highly recommend it to friends. I have tried a bunch of the recipes and they’ve all been great. Just made the Armenian Lentil burgers and they’re the best lentil-based burgers I’ve tasted, even considering that I replaced the eggs with Ener-G. You can really tell you put a lot of time and though into developing and testing the recipes (although I generally find that the recipes make more burgers than you estimate, which is a good thing). Thanks for your hard work!

    1. Thanks, Paul! And sorry if you’re finding quantities to be off. Sometimes I wish I could go through the whole book one more time just to double check on things like that–there are so many more elements than I could have ever anticipated when I started the book.

  8. Hi Lukas
    I’ve been a vegetarian for around 35 years now and am always on the lookout for more good recipes. Just borrowed your ‘Burger’ book from my local Library and will be ordering my own copy asap. I live in rural Tasmania which is just about as far as you can get (in every way!) from New York so sometimes ingredients can be a problem, but I don’t think most of the ones in your book will be too hard to find. Round these parts if you ask for the ‘vegetarian option’ you are likely to be offered a meat pie with the meat scraped out, so thanks for the recipes!
    Cheers, Paula

  9. Hi, Lukas. Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how happy I am that your new book is out. I preordered from Amazon, and just received it earlier this week. I think I’ve purchased six or seven of your burger books – I just kept finding people who loved the burgers, so I gave the books away as gifts. Really looking forward to trying some of the new recipes. Keep up the good work!

  10. Hey, I linked to your garam masala toast on my blog. Hope you don’t mind. You inspired it, so I wanted to make sure you got credit!

  11. Your Amazing Lucas – – – –
    We all loved your recipe for the oven baked french fries, they were just plain rollin. Everyone enjoyed them, and wanted the recipe from me. Naturally I told them to look up your website as well as telling them the basics.
    Question – Have you ever come up with a good ‘Sweet Potato’ french fry recipe? We’ve tried deep frying them of coarse, as well as baking them. They taste good, however all we ever seem to come up with are (limp sticks) of sweet potato. Couldn’t find anything on your site about sweet potatos at all. Down here in the Deep of the South of South Louisiana, we love our baked sweet potatos and know how to cook them as a whole potato. Just no one seems to know how to cook crispy sweet potato fries.
    Any ideas of how to make them crispy and still retain their naturally wonderful flavor?
    Thanks a much for all the fantastic spins you put on vegetables!!!

    1. Thanks and glad to hear, Eric. I do have a recipe for Sweet Potato Fries in Veggie Burgers Every Which Way. Because they don’t have the same starch content you don’t have to rinse them—and in fact, I find they work best if you toss them in a little bit of potato or corn starch along with the oil, salt, at spices, which gives them an extra crispy skin. Then it’s the same method: high heat, stir frequently, eat hot!

  12. Hi Lukas. My wife and I are both vegans. I’m on a restrictive diet that is also oil-free and nut- and seed-free (except for flax seeds). We recently got your book, “Veggie Burgers Every Which Way” and look forward to a summer filled with grilling veggie burgers in our backyard. My question is how can I best replace the oil and eggs that is in many of your recipes and still have them hold together while we are grilling. Really beautiful photos! Very nicely done book.

    1. Hi, and thanks so much. For eliminating oil, I’ve found that most burgers can be baked, skipping the pan-searing step, to great results. And I assume that if you’ve eliminated oil, you’re already water-sauteing your vegetables. Eggs can be tricky, but there are a few suggestions I outline in the book: boiled or steamed potato works really well and is one of my favorites, and in some instances the flax-seed egg substitute works, and then, more recently, you may want to check out the kimchi burger I just posted on this site, where the binder is primarily rice flour and water. I also have a post on this subject a few pages back: https://lukasvolger.com/2010/03/25/curried-eggplant-and-tomato-burgers-revisited-egg-substitutes/ Enjoy!

  13. just want to leave you a note to let you know that I am in total awe of the way you do justice to vegetables in your veggie burger book. I have tried several recipes and they all tasted amazing. I posted a few of them, with a few changes, on my blog (always giving you the credit) and they were always a big hit. so nice to discover you have a blog too. and I look forward to your new book , can’t wait to read it! Barbara

  14. I got a copy of “bowl”. Then I sent my sister in Washington, (who is vegetarian, I am not), one as a “just because ” gift! I located a copy of your veggie burgers book, and it’s on the way. Found your videos and made Pad Thai last night. Again, I am NOT vegetarian! But, dang! This is fun!
    Much success, Mr. Volger!

  15. I am about to order Bowl, I have your first two books, have given away three copies of your burger book over the years and recommended it to others. You are a master at layering flavours…. Armenian Lentil Burgers, Tomato and White Bean Sauce Over Rigatoni, Easy Tomato Curry, are all recent successes, so good, so much flavour.

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