Curried Eggplant and Tomato Burgers revisited, Egg Substitutes

Gina at EtsyVeg wrote to me the other day with a recommendation that I include non-dairy alternatives with my recipes here, a recommendation I've thought about a lot and expect to implement. My approach so far has been that every recipe should be a darn good thing by its own right—whether it be vegan, vegetarian, …


Black Olive Roasted Potato Salad

Now that I've been eating veggie burgers almost every day for three months, in addition to anguishing about them on the subway, and in the shower, and in my dreams, I turned to the "side dishes" section of the cookbook with a great deal of giddiness. You wouldn't believe how exited I got about potato …

Chipotle Black Bean Burger (vegan, gluten-free)

This is my working recipe for a vegan black bean burger. While I'm not a huge "spicy" person, I love chipotle peppers because they bring the heat without the burn. And canned chipotle peppers found at almost every grocery store come swimming in a delicious, sweet-smoky adobo sauce. In this recipe, both the peppers and the adobo sauce are utilized.