Thai Carrot Burger

This carrot burger has required a lot of tinkering, but I think I'm finally on the right track. The trick was figuring out how to cook the carrots. I tried roasting, boiling, and steaming, all of which required that I puree or mash them, resulting in a mushy, disgusting, babyfood burger. While working on a …


Spinach-Chickpea Burger

I love the flavor combo of spinach and chickpeas, and aside from the addition of cumin seeds and a squeeze of lemon, this burger tastes cleanly of just that. Inadvertently gluten free—I'm constantly on the hunt for alternatives to bread crumbs, primarily because bread crumbs to me are a wet blanket to flavor but also …

Tasting Party

I had the first of probably many tasting parties last weekend. Some photos below, recipes to come... This was an idea Chef Pascal, the French chef at the restaurant where I work, came up with: a "beet tartare" burger, which kicked things off. It looks a little strange and will require some tinkering, but--good!! That's …

Chipotle Black Bean Burger (vegan, gluten-free)

This is my working recipe for a vegan black bean burger. While I'm not a huge "spicy" person, I love chipotle peppers because they bring the heat without the burn. And canned chipotle peppers found at almost every grocery store come swimming in a delicious, sweet-smoky adobo sauce. In this recipe, both the peppers and the adobo sauce are utilized.

On Beans

Yes, you can use canned beans in your veggie burgers. But if there’s one thing I knew before I stared this project and which I am even more convinced of now that I’m in the thick of it, it’s that canned beans just don’t taste as good. They taste a little bit like aluminum, and though they’re “tender,” you can’t reasonably call them “supple.” Freshly cooked beans? Oh, just think about how much more control you have. None of that slimy goop, as much or little salt as you’d like, and then cooked to your most perfect tender ideal. And that clean, earthy, beany flavor. Oh, it’s also cheaper. At least give it a try. Here’s how.