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Carrot Kimchi

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What an exciting few weeks it’s been! Thank you for supporting Bowl—the reception has really blown me away. I apologize if I’ve already inundated you with these news items on other social media channels, but if you missed any of it, check out this New York Times article that still has me feeling faint, and bowls in Vogue, and then a few pieces I wrote for Food52: on Dashi, and Vegetarian Pho Broth, and, finally, The Anatomy of a Broth Bowl. (All these links have recipes.) Lastly, if you live in or near Seattle, I hope you’ll stop by Book Larder next Friday.

Moving on…

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In spring I always crave kimchi, in part because the dismal farmers market offerings leave me wanting color and assertive flavor, and in part because spring cleaning and probiotics seem to go hand in hand. You probably know that kimchi is a whole category of fermented foods beyond just Napa cabbage, and this carrot version—inspired by the nubby little carrots I did find at the market, though they’re likely the dregs of last fall’s crop—is one I’ve been tinkering with for a few weeks. Continue reading



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Scallion and Watercress Kimchi + Feast by Lukas: Building Blocks

scallion kimchi

Last time we did kimchi, 2 years ago (every day, week, month, and quarter—it’s been a quarter of a year since I wrote anything here—just picks up more and more speed, snowball style), it was a quasi-traditional, vegetarian, napa cabbage one, and I live-tweeted the whole process. This one is similar, but a little quicker and therefore arguably a little easier. Scallions are one of the easier-to-get-your-hands-on spring vegetables, available in abundance, so I thought it’d be a good thing to highlight here. Farmer’s market scallions—you can pick up some purple ones!—are thinner and have longer, bushier tops than the grocery store varieties do. They’re also grittier and need a more rigorous cleaning, in several changes of water.


This recipe comes from the latest issue of my digital magazine, Feast by Lukas. In this issue, called “Building Blocks,” kimchi functions as one of those little accessories that makes for easy, tasty, component-style meals. I’ll add kimchi to lots of things—sandwiches, rice and noodle bowls, savory pancakes, in soup, as a topping for crostini, and right out of the jar with a fork. Other dishes in this issue include a “slaw starter,” primers on the #putaneggonit egg, some excellent vinaigrettes, a recipe for “nut muffins” (saying that out loud still makes me chuckle), and more. Also, I’m proud to share that photographer Cara Howe collaborated with me on this issue, and her gorgeous photos—that’s hers up top, and on the cover of the issue—are such a huge improvement to the project I still can’t even believe it. You can download the Feast by Lukas app in the iTunes store, and within that you can subscribe or purchase individual issues.  Continue reading

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Vegan Kimchi Veggie Burgers

[Apologies for the lapse here. I hope you didn’t miss Martha Rose Shulmans’ great column a few weeks ago in the New York Times that focuses on veggie burgers.]

This burger has been in the works for a little while. The seeds were planted sometime two years ago, when I started making my own kimchi. I first used it as a condiment for veggie burgers, and from there, it wasn’t long before I thought to use it in the veggie burgers. But it took a while before I got the formula right. As usual, I wanted to add too much—watercress, chard, bok choy, tofu, seitan—and each previous attempt resulted in a flavor that was cloudy at best, and unpalatable at worst. So I did as Amanda Hesser advised in an interview that I can no longer locate (I’m paraphrasing): Cooking is similar to that rule about dressing yourself, take one item off before you leave the house.

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Vegetarian Kimchi Weekend: Coming to You Live on Twitter

DAY 1: Here are the instructions for Day 1, in their natural Twitter state. You’ll probably need to zoom in a bit in order to make them legible. I’m happy to answer any questions.

Important change: I’m sorry to do this, but I’ve had something come up on Sunday and I need to shuffle the times below so that Day 1 of kimchi making is on Friday, and then Day 2 is on Saturday. Sorry for any confusion.

I was thinking it’d be fun to make something in an interactive, real-time way, and it occurred to me to try doing it over Twitter. Kimchi seemed like an obvious contender, since it’s a fun, relatively easy thing to make, yet one that I know a lot of people haven’t tried for themselves. Also, my own supply has been getting low, and it’s time to replenish.

So here’s here’s the plan: I’m going to put my shopping list below, then this weekend, we’ll convene at the times listed—on Twitter—and I’ll show you how I make my vegetarian (vegan, in fact) napa cabbage kimchi. It’s an uncomplicated two-day process, and I’ll take you through the step-by-step instructions and post some photos. Does that sound fun? I should have thought to do this in November, on kim-jang day, when in Korea it’s the tradition to convene and stock up on kimchi for the subsequent year. Alas, I lacked the foresight then, and now I lack the patience to wait 8 months.

Some of the ingredients—well, really just the pepper powder, and maybe the daikon radish depending on where you live—might be tricky to track down. This is why I’m announcing Veggie Kimchi Weekend now, in case you need to schedule a trip to your local Chinatown or your local Korean grocery. The idea is that we can all do it at the same time, and chime in with questions and observations, but I’ll also post the recipe next week when we’ve completed the project. And then we’ll all have kimchi to eat in a few weeks! If you want to participate, just use the hashtag #veggiekimchiweekend, and feel free to Tweet at me, @LukasVolger. Continue reading


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